Simultaneous language interpretation is a growing need across the country and the continent. Heretofore, it’s been an expensive proposition as well.

Not anymore.

Smart Bug radios are HIGHLY effective and cost-efficient when you need to provide discreet simultaneous language interpretation to event attendees, no matter the setting!

Smart Bug radios permit you to provide as many as THREE simultaneous language feeds without any delay, helping your multi-lingual audiences stay right on top of the information as it is presented. Your professional language interpreters can speak at a conversational level, making the experience for audience members that much more appealing and stress-free.

Public and private education institutions face the challenge not only of educating a multi-lingual student population but also in communicating with the parents who may not have a proficiency level in English. Smart Bugs are already being used in schools in California, New York, North Carolina and Texas.

Social service and social justice organizations especially enjoy the convenience and ease-of-use offered with Smart Bugs. Custom-configured kits – with as many as 50 Smart Bug radios and multiple transmitters/mics – makes mobile facility that much easier. And there’s never a minimum-order quantity!

Houses of worship have their needs for simultaneous language interpretation as well, bringing “The Word” to a growing multi-lingual congregation. Smart Bugs have helped religious leaders reach worshipful audiences across the United States, in Russia and Mexico without stressing operational budgets.

The multi-language capability of business and educational seminars can be tantamount to their success. Professional interpreters and business conference planners don’t have to source expensive receivers to meet the needs of their multi-lingual guests. Smart Bugs allow you to shatter language barriers and make the mechanics of simultaneous language interpretation a simple and affordable function.

Professional interpreters are commonly called upon for their linguistic expertise but also for their ability to provide the equipment to do so. Smart Bug CUSTOM-LABELS radios and ear pieces with YOUR provided artwork to put your brand at the forefront. There’s NEVER an extra charge for the service!