• Simultaneous Language Interpretation

    In large groups or small, bi-lingual audiences and their interpreters find Smart Bugs easy to use and perfect for meetings, conferences and facility tours. Used with a portable transmitter, they’re also pleasantly discreet. Here, a visiting Ukrainian commerce and education delegate listens to his interpreter’s every word by using a Smart Bug radio.

  • Ada Functions

    Coaches at Professional Skaters’ Association annual conferences listen to crystal-clear, conversational-level instruction from on-ice speakers by comfortably wearing Smart Bug radios. Poor acoustics can have a negative impact when you’re trying to reach a large audience. Smart Bugs give you an answer!

  • Educational Aides

    Students wearing Smart Bug radios during a guided nature tour along Big Cypress Bayou in Jefferson, Texas, easily listen to their instructor no matter where they stand in the group. Students’ comprehension increases as they’re able to clearly hear guides in an open-air environment.

  • Events

    Ever put on an event and the crowd wondered what exactly was happening? Smart Bugs are used locally at a recent living history event and provided 19th-century military campaign details as well as tactics, armaments and organizational practices sought after in the re-enacted conflict. Spectators were able to text questions to commentators to learn even more.